From Our Founder: Kathleen Gerus-Darbison This project began in July of 1999 for women living with HIV infection. Along with a another educator and advocate for women’s issues we wanted to create a project that combined art and life, as an interactive way to educate the community at large. We knew there had to be a way to preserve the stories of HIV positive women everywhere. The STITCHES Dolls have been created by HIV positive women all over the world and then returned to us to become part of a continuing traveling exhibit. Over the years we have added additional projects or “collections” as we refer to them, that cover other serious topics that women face and often times their stories of perseverance are forgotten or overlooked.  Not only does this project give women a safe place to voice their feelings about  specific issues  affecting their lives, but it is also a gift that others can learn from. On our collection tab you can view each doll and see their stories. Along with each photo is written text from each woman artist answering the question:      If your doll could talk what would she say?"  The answers will amaze and touch you. There are also many facts and other                                          information on these pages. Come back and visit often. Tell a friend about it.                                       Remember, knowledge is power. We need to learn from those who came before us.
TITLE:    Bound ARTIST: Kathleen Gerus-Darbison       BIRTH: 12/07/57        HIV DIAGNOSIS: December 8, 1985
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