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Name: Faith Birth Date: Unknown Title: Faith My name is Faith.  I am woman, I am strong and have HIV, although it does not DEFINE me it's only a part of me. I have a voice today!
Name: Joan     Birth Date: 29-Jul-70 Title: Healthcare Hazard Helen If you ever get a needlestick don't leave the clinic without  prophylactic treatment, even if they say you don't need it.
Name: A.       Birth Date: 4-Jun-52 Title: In Memory of Aaron Hi my name is Aaron.  I am a memory of when stigma overrode competent healthcare and education and when HIV was referred to as full-blown and a death sentence. I had friends and family, but my HIV status overwhelmed me and the words of stigma began to defeat me.  I spent my life advocating for the Transgender Community and HIV.  Now my friend works as an advocate in my memory.             
Name: C.S.    Birth Date: 19-Jan-55 Title: Motor City This doll's name is The Motor City.  She doesn't know if she is coming or going but the good thing is just have faith in yourself and everything will be alright!
Name: Unknown Birth Date: Unknown Title: No Name Hi I'm just a Christian like person that loves Jesus Christ. Would you like to be like me, talk to a Pastor about becoming a Christian.             
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