Name: Kara Huard   Birth Date: April 17, 1986 Title: Innocence Don't we all sometimes wish we could go back to the time when we were kids, sound asleep in bed, without a care in the world?          ID: ST-CAN-KA-0001
Name: Silke Irlanda  Birth Date: March 13, 1973 Title: Loretta This doll wants to let the world know, “I survived child abuse.”            ID: ST-CAN-SI-0002
Name: Lynda K.  Title: Louisia This doll chose not to say anything. ID: ST-CAN-LY-0003
Name: C.B.          Birth Date: October 12, 1958 Title: Love Giver I wish we could have more love given everywhere around the world. This would increase the amount of happiness and encourage sharing of food and other necessities needed to survive.                     ID: ST-CAN-CB-0004
Name: Iris Evans           Birth Date: January 20, 1984  Title: The Peaceful Goddess She wants to end poverty, violence, and her aim is to make a better world for everyone. She brings joy, hope, faith, love, peace and happiness. Remember to do your part to make this world a better place.            ID: ST-CAN-IR-0005  
Name: Nina Lite Eagle McCutcheon     Birth Date: June 12, 1967 Title: Prophet, Peter Popoff If you have beliefs in healing, when you have HIV, beware of false Prophets of the world. Even they fall short of God’s glory. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be dismayed. Don’t give up, because Jesus cares for you. Others may be able to try to understand how your pain is inside, or your story that caused your disease, but reach out to those who take time, go the distance to listen to your story, and are true believers from above. I believe you will fly like an eagle, soar like a dove. Even when you are with your maker up above. ID: ST-CAN-NI-0006
Name: Rev. Olive Esseltine Meharg         Birth Date: November 6, 1908 Title: The Rev. Olive I have cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, and high blood pressure. I bleed from my spleen and bowel. I live on $23 after bills are paid. This is for gas, food and personals, so I don’t eat very well. I was sexually assaulted by one clergy and raped by another. My husband has schizophrenia and tortured me to demand I swear "that there is no God". Violence can’t be mended! It must be prevented!         ID: ST-CAN-RE-0007
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