The dolls we use can be purchased at most craft stores for around $4.00.  If you are unable to find them in your area we can provide a doll for you for a small fee of $5.00 including postage. This doll is made of a soft muslin fabric and is lightly filled, so that it is not hard and over stuffed. This doll is pre-stuffed to save you time in creating the doll. You can dress this doll up and add hair. You can paint, bead or even add polymer clay faces to add personality to each doll that you make. These dolls can be tea or coffee dyed to your desire, creating a more personalized touch. Creating a doll is only limited by your own imagination.  Depending on which collection you are creating a doll for will dictate specific submission criteria.   For HIV and Clot Not Dolls we must be able to verify your condition.  You must fill out  our “Demographic” form which all information is kept confidential and “Release” form which allows us to use your doll on our website and in other opportunities we feel are relative to our mission.
Once you have completed your doll simply mail her and all the forms to our office and we will take care of the rest.
Sponsor a Doll
Did you know you can sponsor the creation of one of our dolls.  Your one time donation of only $25 will assure that we can offer a doll and all the materials needed to tell its story. In addition you will be notified when your sponsorship doll has been created and is available for viewing on our website.  Its a perfect way to support our organization and the women who’s stories otherwise may never be told. Simply click any donation tab on the site and make your pledge.  You can also contact us directly by phone or email.
Doll Making Kits
Doll Kits & Doll Sponsorships
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Stitches Doll Project in an effort to make more dolls available to qualifying participants will be providing DOLL MAKING KITS at conferences, community events and social gatherings.  These kits are made available to women who fall into one of our service categories.  These kits are available for $10 which includes:  cloth doll, assorted material, and embellishments. Once completed download the forms above and mail to our main office at: 18012 Rose Court, Macomb, MI 48044.
Checklist Create Doll Demographic Release Mail to Us
STITCHES How to Submit A Doll
STITCHES Womens Iniaitives 28056 Palomino Drive Warren, MI 48093  Phone: 586-873-8034