Name: Tina Mkandawire    Birth Date: June 10, 1960 Title: Untitled            HIV Diagnosis: 2001 When this woman was give the opportunity to express what her doll would say about living with HIV, she chose to say nothing. African American -Benton Harbor, MI             ID: ST-MIZ-TI-0113
Name: Vonna Allen                            Birth Date: May 20, 1967 Title: Eliza            HIV Diagnosis: 2004 When are we going on a trip? African American -Benton Harbor, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-VO-0107
Name: L. A.    Birth Date: April 20, 1949 Title: Lisa   HIV Diagnosis Date: 2000 If Lisa could talk she would say; faith & belief in yourself is the key to living, if the Little African Children can do it, anyone can too. African American - Port Huron, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-LA-0108
Name: Prisalla Baldwin                Birth Date: April 13, 1959 Title: Precious           Diagnosis date: 1995 I am precious, hello I love people and I am a little shy. I wish everyone could be as one. Love and peace to the world.                      ID: ST-UKZ-PR-0109
Name: Miss A.C.            Birth Date: Unknown Title: Miracle HIV Diagnosis: 1998 I am no longer dying from this disease of HIV, I am now living with HIV. I am at peace with myself. African American - Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-MI-0110
Name: Pat Jacobs        Birth Date: September 5, 1963 Title: Bianca HIV Diagnosis: 1998   It was hard to do, but I liked making my doll. Latina -Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-PA-0111
Name: Denise Lamb Bramlett                        Birth Date: March 31, 1965 Title: My Life After a Death           HIV Diagnosis:  1995 After the death of my one true friend, trying to save her life. I unwillingly put myself in harms way. I too at first thought I was to lose my life. But with grace of God and his purpose for me I'm still here. After 11 years of loneliness I know longer feel alone and this is truly a blessing. I only wish I found this sooner. A wish for others to not have to wait so long. It's been a long journey and hopefully my life after a death may make someone else's not so long. Caucasian - Port Huron, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-DE-0112
Name: Raeshele Pruitt             Birth Date: March 17, 1970 Title: Coming Out            HIV Diagnosis: 2003 Look at me, I am still human, I am here to live. Don’t fear me, but embrace me, cause I will live. Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-RA-0115
Name: DeShawn Norman                               Birth Date: November 10, 1971 Title: Mocha Sweetness  HIV Diagnosis:2004 HIV does not define who I am! Nor does it determine what I will and can do! I am still the same person I was before I was diagnosed. I still deserve, need, and want love! African American - Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-DE-0114
Name: Beatrice Thomas                  Birth Date: December 26, 1960 Title: Heavenly Angel            HIV Diagnosis: 2000  African American - Saginaw, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-BE-0116
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