Name: K.C. Title: Hopeful My kids are my life and for them I keep my hope alive. Lives in Clinton Twp., MI  ID: ST-OHZ-HM-0176
Name: R.                Birth Date: Sept 27, 1970 Title: Concella Jones HIV Diagnosis: 2000 Don't ever give up, life is good. Keep your head UP! Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-R/-0173
Name: L.M.D.             Birth Date: March 19, 1974 Title: Soldier of Life Lucky I lived for everyone I love. When I was diagnosed clinically with AIDS, I was angry at God and blamed him for my misfortunes. I had the power to make the correct choices, but I didn't. People have disclosed my status without my permission devastated me and hurt me to my heart, but I will survive. I'm as strong as a soldier. I m the Soldier of Life: Lucky I lived For Everyone I love. I finally seen the light, and people at Wellness AIDS Services, Inc. of Flint, MI came to my home, "kidnapped" me, and told me I was going to the women's support group. I met a lot of beautiful women who had ambition and are doing great things with their lives. I realized that everyone and everything has a purpose. Wellness gave me my life back. The women in women's group have built each other's self-esteem emotionally, and we never judged each other. Men and women at Wellness, especially those who have been diagnosed, need to build each other's self-esteem emotionally for support, and never judge each other. Sometimes the world disappoints me. Society judges what they don't know about. Even though I show happiness and joy on the outside, on the inside I'm suffering. For everyone who has this "stereotypical" virus deserves the military ribbon/metal, the Purple Heart, which is what the military receive when they are injured. Our hearts have been broken and injured, but it takes strong, courageous people to overcome the HIV/AIDS virus. I now have a happier, new life with a significant other. When I was at my lowest he was there for me. He gave me what nobody else did; unconditional love, care, and protection. In closing, I am the first female soldier doll in the STITCHES program. I'm honored to feel that everyone living with HIV/AIDS are all Soldiers of Life. You are a great bunch of people. Caucasian - Flint, MI ID: ST-MIZ-LM-0169  
Name: R.F. Title: Iesha Lets go camping.  African American - Pontiac, MI             ID: ST-MIZ-RF-0170
Name: J.S.          Birth Date: February 7, 1966 Title: Cocoa            HIV Diagnosis: 2002 I'm a winner; I am pleased to say that I'm in total control of my life; I have HIV, and HIV doesn't have me. African American - Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-JS-0171
Name: S.W.P.                  Birth Date: April 1, 1979 Title: The Purple Poetic Doll HIV Diagnosis: 2005 Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-SW-0172
Name: M.M.      Birth Date: May 12, 1951 Title: Marlene (Tired Mom)            HIV Diagnosis: 1996 To survive out in the world is to be safe. (Have safe sex) Hispanic - Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-MM-0175
Name: B.D.F.      Birth Date:July 22, 1971 Title: Imani Imani expresses her freedom and peace within herself. Although she may be HIV positive, she's free to be herself and at peace. Pontiac, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-BD-0174
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Name: N.S.                 Birth Date: September 22, 1975 Title: Victory                        HIV Diagnosis: 2005 Love yourself to the fullest, my journey with HIV has taught me to fall in love with me! To accept myself for all my faults and celebrate the great things about me! In my arms is 6 roses for my babies I hold dear to me. I have on shades because my Future is Bright. My mouth is big because I want to educate and empower women everywhere. I'm sexy and sassy and fabulous! When the road was dark on my journey I knew God would see me through 34 years of Sunshine! For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and give you hope and future. Caucasian -Westland, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-NS-0177
Name: H.M.  Birth Date: March 22, 1970 Title: Survival                        HIV Diagnosis: 2002 I have survived AIDS and cancer and I am still kicking. Caucasian - Toledo, OH          ID: ST-OHZ-HM-0178
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