Children’s Hospital Camp 2009 Children’s Hospital Camp 2009
Name: Alice R.               Birth Date: June 16, 1924 Title;Guardian Angel of Life                       HIV Diagnosis: Unknown -Date of Death: May 20, 2009 Getting an HIV test is a win-win situation. If the results are negative - you win. You know to continue safe sex. If the results are positive - you win. You know to seek treatment immediately. African American - Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-AL-0088
Name A.M.        Birth Date: February 20, 1952 Title: A. A.     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown "Stop HIV in the Black Community!" African American -Detroit, MI          ID: ST-MIZ-AM-0080
Name: B. Wilson    Birth Date: March 7, 1946 Title: African Queen     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown When asked what her doll would say if she could talk, Ms. Wilson replied "Nothing." African American -Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-BW-0081
Name: Artence Rena Culver          Birth Date: January 10, 1965 Title: An American Woman                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown "Social Security takes too long." "Please heal me Jesus, Amen" "Because I get too tired and feel too weak." "And cure all the HIV and AIDS victims." "And I still get depressed because I want all my music recorded." "I don't want to be a failure God." African American -Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-AR-0082
Name: Selvey E. Hall                                  Birth Date: 1959 Title: Angels Watching Over Me           HIV Diagnosis: March 1990 My sisters, love yourselves, believe in your instincts And realize we can trust no one 100% My risk factor was that I fell in love and trusted someone With my life and failed to protect myself. If you have apprehensions of your mate's sexuality - listen to your heart. We are responsible for our own behaviour and choices in life. African American- Pontiac, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-SE-0083
Name: Kathy Gerus-Darbison        Birth Date: December 7, 1957 Title: Bound                    HIV Diagnosis: 12/8/1985-AIDS Diagnosis: 2/1992 She symbolizes all the important things and people who have made her what she is today. She is naked, vulnerable. Except for the ever-present BIOHAZARD. The wild, colorful hair represents her many moods, fears and feelings. Her mouth speaks of AIDS Awareness. Around her neck and shoulders are the people who love, support and nurture her. In her arms she holds her daughter who has witnessed everything. She is bound and tied by events of the past and present. The bed signifies the place where HIV entered her life. The red box is filled with her husbands ashes and bloodstone speaks of his hemophilia. The mirror symbolizes the reflections of society. Caucasian -Macomb, MI ID: ST-MIZ-KA-0084
Name:Catherine Stephens                        Birth Date: January 19, 1955 Title: Cat                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Please don't make the mistake I did. Because it's good to be safe than sorry. African American -Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-CA-0085
Name: E.E.                       Birth Date: Unknown Title: Goddess of Hope            HIV Diagnosis: 1998 I am a 40 year old African American female who became HIV infected through a sexual assault. I felt my world had been destroyed and felt utterly alone. But through the love of my family and my faith in God and prayer I have a better appreciation for Life. I have learned that Life has lessons to be learned, but if you have not learned from them then Life can pass you by. I have put trust in God that a cure will be found for HIV/AIDS. I also feel that God has some more tasks and challenges he wants me to face before he calls me home. When he does call me home and ask what I have done with my life... I can respond with great joy and gladness that I lived my Life to it's fullest. That's the advice I give to my friends and family - Live Life to it's fullest! Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-EE-0086
Name: Lorraine Washington        Birth Date: February 13, 1947 Title: Grace (for Gratitude)           HIV Diagnosis: January, 2001-Date of Death: November, 2005 Date of Death: November, 2005 Title: Grace (for Gratitude) After being diagnosed 3 years ago, HIV positive. I needed help coping with my family. I was afraid, angry, lonely, and depressed. I joined a women’s support group through Wellness AIDS Services, Inc. in Flint, Michigan. Feeling as though you are the only one in the world who is going this makes matters worse. So they helped me by putting me in touch with others in my same position and by keeping me up to date on helpful information about our disease. Support groups can offer important help by allowing you to blow off steam in a safe place where others have gone through what you are going through. And accept you without being critical. Caucasian -Flint, MI ID: ST-MIZ-LO-0087
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