The STITCHES Doll Project was created so that the diverse stories of women living with HIV could be preserved for future generations to learn from. There are two sides to the overall mission: 1.) It gives women the opportunity for their "voice" to be heard in a safe, confidential and educational manner. Many women do not have the luxury of speaking about their HIV status in their everyday lives. They may live in fear of rejection, reprisal or other types of discrimination. With this project, the dolls speak for themselves. 2.) The completed dolls become part of a national traveling exhibit and, in that way, educate the general population about the risks of HIV infection. The STITCHES dolls teach knowledge about and compassion for all people living with HIV infection. The creativity of each individual doll "speaks" to the visitors who come to view them. Our hope is that in their own unique way, they can have some effect on all who come seeking information.
STITCHES Womens Iniaitives 28056 Palomino Drive Warren, MI 48093  Phone: 586-873-8034