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Name: WD                           Birth Date: Jully 11, 1993 Title: Silkie                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My name is Silkie I was created and named by a six year old named Whitney.  She loves beautiful things. She designed my dress so that I would look like an angel who can fly. She sewed it herself since she learned to sew in school. Whitney goes to Waldorf School which  has a handwork program. She does not know anything about being HIV+ or having AIDS so her life is still very care free and happy like a child’s life should be. She is very healthy and a blessing from GOD to be around. NC                                            ID: ST-NCZ-SI-0293
Title: CC                               Birth Date: December 16, 1956 Title: Amelia My name is Amelia and I am HIV+.When I was first diagnosed I thought my life was over and I gave up everything I love. After several years of educating myself and through Now I have learned how to the support and love of friends, I was able to turn my attitude around.  Now I have learned how to co-exist with the virus and I am changing my life. Once again I am doing things I love which includes flying airplanes .  I had to fight The Federal Aviation Association (FFA) to allow me to keep my license  while taking anti-HIV drugs but it was worth it for me and I was able to help others who were also facing with being grounded.  I have a beautiful daughter (The Pink Princess)and we enjoy each and every day together.  I encourage anyone who is HIV+to take charge of thing sand work at maintaining good health. Having Joy in your life will keep you alive. NC ID:ST=NCZ-CC-0294
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