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Name: Unknown    Birth Date: March 5, 1960 Title: DeeDee     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I wish to live outside the nursing home. I want my own place but I take so much meds every day. I’d like to get up and go but I can’t. Caucasian - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-UN-0198
Name: Diane Jimenez        Birth Date: February 13, 1951 Title: "AIDS Indian Warrior     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I feel like an Indian at war, War within myself. Each fight is harder AIDS is, as the Indians would say, The evil shadow. Cast them out. So my doll is dancing. Casting all my demons away. African, Mexican Indian and Jewish decent who lives in Yonkers, NY.            ID: ST-NYZ-DI-0194  
Name: Jean Birth Date: October 1, 1942 Title: "Blondie"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I am leaving my doll naked - with the letter "A" standing for AIDS. A poison runs through my veins. I am Contagious - you can love me from afar but not intimately. I am reminded several times a day - every time I take my AIDS medicine, every time my T cell and viral load is taken. I have to be careful what I eat. Don't cry for me because I have AIDS. Find a cure and help those with AIDS. She hugs her teddy bear because she needs to love. Caucasian - Yonkers, NY            ID: ST-NYZ-JE-0195  
Name: E.D.       Birth Date: May 3, 1946 Title: Catherine A. Turner     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My doll and I are alike as any friends. We agree we suffer when some see us like lepers. If she could talk I know she would really like to travel the world and educate others. Ukrainian- New York City             ID: ST-NYZ-ED-0196 
Name: Carolyn Ann Cobbs    Birth Date: June 20, 1956 Title: "CeCe"      HIV Diagnosis: Unknown-Date of death: November 7, 2000 Carolyn died before she finished her doll, but her sister gave permission for her doll to join the "STITCHES: A Doll Project" journey. As soon as Carolyn began her doll, she said, "She's got to have a crix belly like me."All through her illness Carolyn grieved the changes in her body and talked about being scared. The doll has a big heart just like Carolyn, who was always thinking of others and spoiling us with her incredible fried chicken. We remember her wonderful laugh, warm smile, jaunty hats and tremendous strength. With love from her doll-making sisters of the Positive Mom’s Support Group in Westchester County, NY African-American - Mt. Vernon, NY           ID: ST-NYZ-CA-0197
Name: C.V.     Birth Date: April 18, 1975 Title: Egypt     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Knowing you have the virus is hard. But living with AIDS is easy for me since I have been fortunate to have a lot of support from my family and friends. That support alone made me not ever want to give up!  African-American - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-CV-0199
Name: Unknown  Birth Date: Unknown Title: "Fancy"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My name is "Fancy". At least that is the way I used to feel when I was getting ready for a night out on the town with my friends. Now, since this miserable damn virus has invaded my space/body, feeling and looking "fancy" is the least of my concerns. All I feel now is old, used up, useless and ugly. No matter how anyone tries to cheer me up, it doesn't help. No matter what medications I take to so-called help me with my depression, they don't help. And on top of all this, my poor little baby girl died 2 years ago. She was only 3 years old. Why do these horrible things have to happen? I guess God only knows. That's why I pray to him every day to please help me feel "fancy" again. New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-UN-0200
Name: Maria Alicea  Birth Date: January 6, 1953 Title: "Gypsie"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I made my doll a gypsies because I feel like I'm coming and going constantly. I feel like I've always been a caregiver and I still am. As a person living with HIV I feel my life has changed dramatically. I went from living a normal life with few worries to a person hoping and praying constantly to see the next day. Caucasian - Yonkers, NY         ID: ST-NYZ-MA-0202
Name: S.M.    Birth Date: April 25, 1969 Title: "Hope"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Shattered Dreams Dear HIV You shadowed my future with a bridge I cannot cross. I had been waving and waving fr you to help me cross over.  But all is in vain because you now hold me in bondage where it is impossible to escape. You now rule my body  like a political dictator and I long for freedom. You have destroyed my dreams of becoming a medical technologist.  Even dreams of becoming a mother, a maternal grandmother, and see my heritage expanding from one generation to another. You made me regret being a phlebotomist because then I wouldn't have you In my body destroying my Immune defense system. I now live in the shadow of anxiety and regret. I can only find comfort and hope,Hope for a cure. And I hope that I am on a journey and when my destination arrives God will call my name and I will be waiting so patiently. For I will be going to a better place a place for eternity Where there will be no more suffering but happiness and joy forever. In the meantime I hope for a cure. Keep your hopes high,D on't give up.  African-American -Yonkers, Westchester, NY                     ID: ST-NYZ-SM-0202
Name: M.A. Birth Date: March 19, 1964 Title: Maris    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I am Maris. I was born to Rosa on April 22, 2003 so I am a young babe. But shit has happened to me. I’m HIV and I’m still here, so I have learned I have a long way to go. I can do it but I am used to others doing for me. I have always lived comfortable so in a way I feel out of place. I also feel very lucky because I have met someone that cares for me which leads me to believe I am very lucky in love – which I need a lot of. Once again, I am Maris, I also have two boys, my body guard, and I love my life. Dominican Republic - New York City.   ID: ST-NYZ-MA-0203
Name: Carmen Rivera        Birth Date: December 6, 1949 Title: "The Graduate"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown It's never too late to be what you might have been! Puerto Rican - New York           ID: ST-NYZ-CA-0201
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