Name: Unknown Birth Date: Unknown Title: Senioretta Mondo     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown This   doll   represents   an   outreach   effort   in   an   orphanage   in   Cape   Town,   South Africa.   In   July   of   2006,   a   University of   Michigan   student   agreed   to   take   some   doll   forms   to   South   Africa   where   she   was   going   to   study   for   5   months. When   unforeseen   difficulties   scuttled   the   original   plan   for   the   dolls,   Lindsay   came   up   with   another   one.   These   are her words: "In   September   I   went   to   the   orphanage   bearing   gifts   of   dolls   and   valuable   information.   By   using   colorful   posters   as visual   aids,   I   explained   to   the   girls   about   HIV/AIDS.   Being   that   the   girls   were   between   the   ages   of   3   to   13   and   had very   short   attention   spans,   I   kept   my   presentation   brief. Then   it   was   time   for   the   fun   to   begin.   I   told   them   about   the STITCHES   campaign   and   said   that   they   could   decorate   the   dolls   to   remind   them   to   be   safe   and   careful   in   the future.   The   rest   of   the   evening   flew   by   in   a   fury   of   feathers,   glue,   and   beads.Sure,   some   of   the   dolls   met   an unceremonious   end;   being   covered   in   glue   and   abandoned   by   the   former   artists.   However,   most   of   the   girls   had   a wonderful time. One of the dolls even had a hand-written sign on her back that read: I have HIV. Give me hugs, not drugs. Upon   leaving   the   orphanage,   I   hung   the   posters   on   the   wall   and   admired   many   beautiful   dolls.   I   left   that   night feeling   hopeful.   For   if   just   one   of   those   girls   remembers   some   small   fact   about   my   presentation   or   decorating   the dolls, then the global conflict that is HIV/AIDS is one step closer to being resolved." This   STITCHES   artist   was   a   small   child   in   an   orphanage   in   S. Africa,   where AIDS   is   wiping   out   entire   generations of people. Her innocence and her pain has a voice in this doll. Listen, if you dare. Help, if you can.            ID: ST-SOF-UN-0129
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