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Name: Patrice       Birth Date: 1955 Title: Success Story     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I haven't given up the the fight. God has all power. Jesus has the strength, courage and wisdom that I'll inherit since I've given up my will and am seeking God's will for my life. African American - Houston, TX           ID: ST-TXZ-PA-0277
Name: Terri        Birth Date: 1955 Title: Angel Unaware     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown She shows the Christian life I had always lived. If my ex-husband (a minister) and I had never divorced, I would never have this illness. But I would rather I had this and be an example to others. And, so my 3 sons will always take precautions. Caucasian- Harris, TX  ID: ST-TXZ-TE-0268
Name: S       Birth Date: 1963 Title: "Awareness"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown This disease has given me the ability to open my mouth, feel like a super star, change like a butterfly, use all of my tools, study more, find the key to life, be creative, use the phone to call for support, and always stay in touch with my femininity. Hispanic - Houston, TX            ID: ST-TXZ-S/-0269
Name: Unknown                  Birth Date: 1954 Title: Disco Lady    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I was once a beautiful Disco Lady. Met a man - married him. He put his dirty hands all over me. Now I got HIV. I have to wear glasses cause I'm going blind. But I still like to party. I will live with this and not die. Praise God!  African American - Houston, TX         ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0270
Name: Sandra       Birth Date: 1960 Title: Faith, Hope & Courage     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My faith carried me through when the darkness of this disease took over my body. It was like hiding under a tree and that was not enough. The telephone did not stop ringing. You could have just sawed me in half, put me up for sale. But nobody wanted me. After you sawed me in half - to make sure I was dead - unloaded the bullets in me until the gun was empty. My lips on my face were so big. I could not tell you enough. Until one day I remembered that the Lord loves me. No matter what, He thinks I am a rose and when all else fails I can always pray or read the instructions. African American - Houston, TX                      ID: ST-TXZ-SA-0271
Name: Unknown        Birth Date: 1972 Title: The Good and the Bad     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown In life you have to take the good with the bad. Although my illness is bad I can still find and have good things in my life. On my back you see some feelings I have on a day to day basis. Some good, some bad. The black gown represents the dark feelings. But in the front you see all the good things I still have or can look to for happiness. You can look forward to...the holidays at home with your kids and family...a fishing trip...walking the dog...counting the start...calling your friends or a counsellor...keep your heart open to love...smell the roses. Just live and love life.  African American -Houston, TX             ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0272
Name: Amy       Birth Date: 1969 Title: Grace     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown HIV has given me the ability or tools to see life in a different light. To see that the things that are important are stopping to smell the flowers, staying strong, finding support, remembering family and friends, work hard for what you want, and always show love. I know everyone's journey with HIV is a special story and so I have shared mine through the years. I have learned the key to life is a positive attitude, faith and God as your foundation. Caucasian - Houston, TX          ID: ST-TXZ-AM-0273  
Name: Merrit        Birth Date: 1963 Name:  Honey     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown When I have to stop working due to my illness, where am I going to get the money I need for Rent? Food? Telephone? My cats? When the time comes for me to "retire", how am I going to pay of my credit card bills? My dental care? "Please show me the money!" Caucasian - Houston, TX          ID: ST-TXZ-ME-0274
Name: Gwendolyn        Birth Date: 1965 Title: Knowledge     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Upon my journey of life I took an HIV/AIDS test. November 1995 my life changed for the better because the seeds of growth started coming my way. If a person waters their garden, fruit will grow. If not, it will die. That is how HIV/AIDS is seeking knowledge. Don't be afraid to ask about the beauty of life, such as: sex, condoms, drugs, etc. Education is the key!!!  African American - Houston, TX          ID: ST-TXZ-GW-2075
Name: Jacqueline       Birth Date: 1952 Title:  Pac Women     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Feeling little people inside my body eating me up!! Ugly, Sad Wild, Crazy, and I Cannot find myself Searching, Destroy, HIV bandit lady. The good is to help others around the world. Safe sex. People around the world, take care of yourselves. Spanish - Houston, TX                      ID: ST-TXZ-JA-0276
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