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Name: I.V.         Birth date: July 25, 1963 Title: Untitled        HIV Diagnosis: Unknown This artist had the following message: Life Is Good! Hispanic Queen Creek, Arizona. She made her doll in the sitting position because she is confined in a wheelchair.                                ID: ST-MIZ-
ARIZONA Gallery Two
Name: Delores Quesada Birth date: June 17, 1963 Title: Silent With Hope HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Silent was not allowed to be part of society, not speak or be spoken to. As she grew, unaware of events in society, she hadn’t a care of them. She looked and listened without seeing or hearing, didn’t feel or think. She was just there, a part of a world but never belonging. She feared being seen or spoken to. It was too painful, cause it was against all she had learned. Silent believes she finds Hope in becoming a part of society through alcohol and marijuana, later intervenous drug use. She loses her teacher (father), becomes alone but her society takes her to a new world behind bars, she accepted it because the drugs still lived within these walls. She shared needle, still unaware of an outcome unknowing of HIV. One day the doctor tells Silent she is HIV positive. Silent asked the doctor, “So I’ll have to take medicine a week or so?” Doctor informs Silent of HIV. Silent is scare and loses Hope. Silent stops drugs, but continues alcohol, more and more to forget living a life of death. Organizations – Native American – seek her out, looking for Silent on the streets, on the railroad tracks, at her jobs. Silent wonders why they want me. Silent is already dead without Hope. She seeks them out because the wondering of why pulls her to that direction. She learns she is not alone and that there is Hope. Silent finds a new world, new Hope, and a new Life. She learns to look, listen, and hear. She instills in her life not to be seen or heard, this is why Silent hasn’t a mouth. Regrets, many, but Hope lifts Silent through it all. So Silent is no longer alone. She has two families, two worlds. Full of support and love that instill love, faith, and hope in overcoming all. Silent knows one day a cure will be found. But Death alone has no hold on her, through Christ her Lord, who truly lifts her to her real Father. Native-American , Arizona          ID: ST-MIZ-
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