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Name: Susan K. Brasel           Birth date: April 7, 1962 Title: Pink Lady         HIV Diagnosis: November, 2004     In the beginning I tried living with HIV As time went by I felt I am dying with HIV Along came the cocktails The pill gave new hope It didn’t take long To realize For me it was false hope Side effects Too many to count Side effects Wearing me down Cutting me up Spitting me out It moves round and round Spinning me upside down I try to climb high Only to fall In a deep dark hole Making me slow. This HIV rollercoaster Has taken its’ toll This virus is out of control Please I beg you I want off this rollercoaster Please I beg you Give me peace. Caucasian, woman who lives in Glendale, Arizona ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: Peggy A.                Birth date: April 18, Title: Daneka      HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Hi, my name  is Daneka, I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. When I found out about my HIV, I was sad. So I have a way to get away from my sadness. I belong to a Renassiance group here in Phoenix. Where I can be a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen. As of today, (December 7, 2006) my HIV is undetected. Yeah! May your day be always happy and bright, and may God bless you and keep you safe always! Phoenix, Arizona           ID: ST-MIZ-BW-0081
Name: B. Sullivan Birth date: July 9, 1943 Title: Dusty’s Mom         HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Dusty Roy Gaytsoll – 11/13/68 – 6/25/02 Question: If I had it to do over again, what would I do differently? First of all, I was not infected with HIV/AIDS. I was affected. My son had AIDS. At first I was mortified, flabbergasted and all the strong verbs you could think of. Then I cried, prayed, asked God for guidance and understanding, and “He” gave it to me. “He” gave me a route that changed me forever. I lost a 12 year relationship with a man that told me my son could not come home and I could not take care of him, or he was gone. So be it. I moved to the next phase, my son.  This young man was ill and needed me, and as I come to find out, so did some others. But he was my son, a child cut from my body. So we settled down for 10 years of groups, doctor visits, medicine changes, lots of tears, a few words of frustration, several I’m worries, and lots of hugs and kisses. Even evictions from an apartment. Over the years our home housed 5 different AIDS patients; Liz, my son’s girlfriend, Tanya a girl from a wealthy Philipino family where sge didn’t fit with her life style, an illegal from Mexico who needed to stay with us until his counselor could get him into a facility, and 2 other gentlemen who needed to stay until they were placed. I learned love, loving, giving, sympathy, empathy, compassion, humbleness, humility, and much more. I’m not saying it was easy because it wasn’t always. Not was it always lots of joy. But we all got through. My son died June 25, 2002 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. We went for his 2 nd  chemo treatment. He had lymphoma. It spread through his body 27 days after he was diagnosed. So, what would I do different if I had it to do over again? Nothing! I would go through it pretty much the same way. Oh maybe, a few little changes like knowing what to expect. But all in all I’d do it again. I’m 63, a retired Social Worker just doing what I want to. Caucasian ,Casa Grande, Arizona.     ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: R.J.                   Birth date: April 8, 1963 Title: Faith                             Date of Diagnosis:  January 5, 2001 Living with HIV has increased my faith in Jesus and knowing, without him I could not have made it this far. Also keeping hope and great expectations, knowing that the best is yet to come and being able to reach my goals and accomplish new things. Just being all I was created to be because HIV is only 1% of my life and God is 99%. Also using wisdom to take my medication and be consistent with my doctor appointments. I will always have a life of a good legacy. P.S. Stay encouraged. African-American,Phoenix, Arizona.           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: S. T. Birth date: September 5, 1963 Title: Going to Live Life to the Fullest         HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Like they say, do not judge a book by its cover, or a person by their color either. If you are thinking I wasn’t the one that was supposed to get this illness…all this doll is going to express is be good to yourself, take care of yourself, and get educated about the illness, and don’t be afraid of a person that is being effected by HIV. Keep living, keep having safe fun and live life to the fullest! Native-American , Phoenix, Arizona  ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: J. Kennedy Ramos       Birth date: March 19, 1963 Title: Hippy – Old School          HIV Diagnosis: November, 2004 I’m Kennedy. I am an artist and hippy. I grew up in the seventies and I really never have conformed to this day and age. Some can say I’m Old School too.  I love to sing at home and in the shower and especially in my car! My daughter who is twelve, thinks I can not dance but says I’m still a cool parent. She is my heart. Without her or my older son I don’t know how I could have survived my diagnosis of AIDS, which was November of 2004. I now am healthy and undetectable. Life just keeps getting better and better by choices I make and the positive changes I am making in my life. Two weeks ago I became a grandma. Two years ago I never thought I’d live to see this day. It was such a joyous and perfect day. I need to know that I am making a positive change in someone else’s life also, I do this when I am out doing what I love doing best. And that is educating my peers about the importance of taking an active part in our own Recovery. This is the rest of our life we are talking about…I can still be creative.  Hispanic ,Scottsdale, Arizona ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: Kelly M.        Birth date: June 15, 1962 Title: Kelly HIV Diagnosis: October, 2005 I was raised in the Midwest. HIV/AIDS is a disease of my children’s generation. I was careless, now I’m scared! I have HIV! I’m still a mom, a woman, a friend, a co-worker. I still have HIV, I’m not scared now, I’m aware! I’m living with, not dying from  HIV. Knowledge is power! Now I know… Caucasian, Phoenix, Arizona ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: Patsy Steen     Birth date: August 31, 1950 Title: Nana         HIV Diagnosis: Unknown This is written for all the women of the world that have found themselves in situations, conditions, or even misconceptions of who we really are. Lots of care is being taken to use the dolls in various settings to help each of us understand, rationalize, and adjust to old wounds in our lives, that keep us from being the woman that we were meant to be. I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying Is there anyone crying? Who gives a care, is anybody there? Dying from trying… Trying to fight… Trying to hang in there Trying to make it to tomorrow, only sorrow from trying and I’m still dying Dying from poor education, dying from neglect Dying from lack of touch, lack of sensation Dying from no one caring, caring, caring… Caring for what, for whom? Caring about when, caring for what Caring, well! Sure I’m caring… I care for football, basketball Who won the Olympics, the Fiesta Bowl, the World Series, also the Super Bowl You said caring… Is this not enough caring… What sitcom will win the prize for the best of the year? What actor will win the Grammy? Just who will take home the Oscar? Who’s the “best” dressed celebrity? Whose recording is the best? Who married whom? I care about who cheated on whom, Who got caught, who got away… What’s the latest gossip in town? Who died? Who will be immortalized? Will we go to war? What’s the highest priced car? What’s the color for this year? What and where are the best land & homes to buy? Tell me again that I don’t care… You see I care about the things that matter to me, So, if you’re dying, I will not be the one crying So keep on dying, I‘ll keep caring about only the things that matter to me… No caring for humanity No crying for the motherless child No caring for the old man that lives under the bridge… No crying for the woman who lost her only child to war So go on trying, crying, or even dying because I won’t be here. Black woman ,Phoenix, Arizona ID: ST-MIZ-
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Name: Lorraine     Birth date: February, 1986 Title: Cappuccino     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown A Life-I am a minority woman who was infected with AIDS by my husband, also my abuser, at 21 years of age. I chose to become a single parent, with two baby girls, who were not infected. I remember being very sick mentally, physically, and emotionally behind the abuse. Today I am a new woman with goals and dreams. I no longer accept abuse in my life. I know I am worthy of love, respect, and support. I now choose to have people around me that will bring these qualities into my life. I now live in Phoenix, Arizona and have remarried. My spouse, who is not infected, is a man who is kind, loving, and understanding. I have never known these attributes bit I know I am worthy of them. I also chose a career to help women, like myself, so they can make better choices in their lives. It’s important to let them know that they still have a life…even after HIV. When life isn’t working the way you’d like, look at the situation as an opportunity on the road to your success. Follow any negative by taking a look at your B.A.G.B is for Blessings. Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for like life itself, your health, family, friends, career. A is for accomplishments. Focus on the many things you have done and many things you do daily that you are proud of. G is for Goals. Review your dreams and plans for the future often. This is the fuel that will motivate you. See yourself as already having what you seek. Always view any negative as part of one performance, not as a turn-down of the performer. African-American and Puerto Rican ,Phoenix, Arizona          ID: ST-MIZ-
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