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Name: A.W. Birth Date: October 2, 1991 Title: "LIFE!" HIV Diagnosis: Birth If my doll could talk she would tell you, I have HIV. HIV doesn't have me I am not my HIV. If you look at the virus you won't see me. You won't see the strong, loving, compassionate young lady I am. You must live life, don't let HIV live it for you. African American - Washington, DC          ID: ST-DCZ-AW-0032
Name: Mary Birth Date: August 31, 1956 Title: Sassy                        HIV Diagnosis: 1999 It isn't what it looks like. NC          ID: ST-NCZ-MA-0023
Name: M. Title: "My Girl" "My Baby" Doll is speechless! African American - Dallas, TX           ID: ST-TXZ-M/-0024  
Name: A.W. Birth Date:January 8, 1962 Title: Silenced the Face of HIV           HIV Diagnosis: 1999 "Women" A population not responded too! African American - NY                    ID: ST-NYZ-AW-0025
Name: M.F.    Birth Date: April 10, 1975 Title: Sheila Lee Strong women can be strong leaders. It is the only way women will gain any ground in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Also by being instrumental in addressing the contributing factors to the HIV/AIDS epidemic women become a powerful force in systemic change overall. African American l- Greensboro, NC          ID: ST-NCZ-MF-0026
Name: M.H.     Birth Date: April 25, 1981 Title: "A Strong Woman, with Purpose"         HIV Diagnosis: Oct-05 If my doll could talk, she would say I am a woman with a purpose for my life. I am a strong woman with 3 boys. I yet have to continue to fight this race. I was a wife, a friend, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter but I yet stand. This disease has only made me, but it will NEVER break Me!! My voice also speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. HIV is Just a part of me! Black woman lives in Summerville, S.C.          ID: ST-SCZ-MH-0027
Name: C.J.       Birth Date: Sept 7,1976 Title: Bell         HIV Diagnosis: Oct-02 Bell suffers through her smile. Although her exterior expresses joy and strength, inside she feels the shame and guilt of being HIV positive. African American- Columbia, SC           ID: ST-SCZ-CJ-0028
Name: R.B.    Birth Date: June 26, 1994 Title: Miracle!                            HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I have HIV; HIV does NOT have me! I'm not ashamed of what I live with, it just makes me stronger for those with so called, "Normal" lives should be the worried ones! No I am not a walking death threat! Black/White - Cairo, IL                      ID: ST-ILZ-RB-0029  
Name: J.L.     Birth Date: July 20, 1956 Title: I, too Sing America HIV Diagnosis: 2003 Please love me; I represent your wife, your daughter, your sister, your friend, your soul mate. Understand I represent YOU!! This is part of America. Virginia Beach, VA           ID: ST-VAZ-JL-0030
Name: Brittany      Birth Date: December 26, 1988 Title: Crystal HIV Diagnosis: 1988 Title: Crystal I am a 16 year old girl living with HIV. I have had it since I was born and this is a hard year of my life. My mother died and I have been sick so I'm struggling with school. Despite this I am trying to stay positive and endure. You endure too.          ID: ST-UNZ-BR-0031
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