Name: T.      Birth Date: June 5, 1991 Title: Toni G. HIV Diagnosis: Birth Beautiful but, lonely. Guys love to talk but, they don't always stick around. Cause I come with a package called, HIV. Detroit, MI             ID: ST-MIZ-T/-0033 
Name: Princess E   Birth Date: April 19 Title: Princess Ebony HIV Diagnosis: Birth Living today with two sides of me is difficult…wanting everybody to see this beautiful side of me…but is reflected on a more serious side called, "HIV" Just want everybody to know, don't judge the outside because what inside is what "Matters." Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-PR-0034
Name: S.M.         Birth Date: February 19,1960 Title: Uniqueness HIV Diagnosis: 1989 I am beautiful in my own unique way. It feels good to have a voice. African American - Albany, NY           ID: ST-MIZ-SM-0035
Name: Yatta             Birth Date: November 19,1989 Title: Real in Me    HIV Diagnosis: Birth I've been thrown a lot being born HIV positive and learned that. I just love life and live it to the fullest. Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-YA-0036
Name: S.    Birth Date: June 28, 1976 Title: YOUR ME            HIV Diagnosis: 1999 I was diagnosed with HIV in 1999, doesn't matter how I got it, but I could have been you!! African American - Orangeburg, SC            ID: ST-SCZ-S/-0037 
Name: R.S. Title: Faith     HIV Diagnosis: November 1997 It is better to be proactive in life than reactive…HIV is preventable, "Get educated, Get tested, Go tell a friend." African American l- Philadelphia, PA          ID: ST-PAZ-RS-0038
Name: N.W.      Birth Date: September 22,1991 Title: Heaven In View (HIV) HIV Diagnosis: Birth I'm one in a million. There's not another one like me. Take me as I am. African American- Charlotte, NC          ID: ST-NCZ-NW-0039
Name: M.R.         Birth Date: February 16,1963 Title: Poor Little Sick Girl HIV Diagnosis: 2001 If you only knew the daily pain I go through, taking all kinds of pills, some red some blue. If they cut my ADAP I will stay sick too! African American - Orangeburg, SC.          ID: ST-SCZ-MR-0040
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