Name: S.C.         Birth Date: April. 9, 1996 Title: Carter That you be yourself.  You will get through many dismaying obstacles.   ID:   YA-MIZ-SC-0002    
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Name: K. Title: Dude This doll helps show my inner personality. He is a man.  This way he is strong and can have control so that other men can't take advantage of him like they could if he was a woman.                                            ID:   YA-MIZ-K/-0004
Name: J.A.                                                                                     Birth Date: November 13, 1998 Title: James Life My doll would say, this is my life I'm just a normal person living in Pontiac.                                           ID:   YA-MIZ-JA-0006
Name: J.H.        Birth Date: August 31,1997 Title: John The doll wouldn’t speak.                                          ID:   YA-MIZ-JH-0008
Name: W.H. Title: Bob Hi                                         ID:   YA-MIZ-WH-0001
Name: M.B.                                                                                     Birth Date: December 30,1996 Title: Locked Up But Free He would say if you ever had the chance to live your life to the fullest do it.  Even if you don't get your way. If you get locked up don't think about it your alwaysfree to fly away.                                         ID:   YA-MIZ-MB-0003  
Name: T.S.                                                                                               Birth Date: July 25, 1996 Title: Heart Break Kid (HBK) My dolls mute and can't talk but shows how he feels with his clothes and actions                                          ID:   YA-MIZ-TS-0005
Name: J.G. Title: Jack  I had a tough time and made many mistakes.                                                                                                                                                         ID:   YA-MIZ-JG-0007
Name: J.J. Title: Kelsey My girl                                            ID:   YA-MIZ-JJ-0010 
Name:  S.M.                    Birth Date: June 7,1996 Title: Junior Doll is speechless!                                          ID:   YA-MIZ-SM-0009
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