Name: S.R.    Birth Date: 24-Mar-96 Title: The Hippie He would say that music is awesome and that the world will be peaceful someday, and the government is wack.                ID:  YA-MIZ-QB-0022
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Name: Unknown Title: Unknown The doll speaks for itself!                                         ID: YA-MIZ-DU-0024
Name: L.L. Title: Untitled I love you and get well soon!                                      ID: YA-MIZ-EK-0026
Name: B.L. Title: Villet Keep an open mind and never let things from  your past be a hindrance to you.  Dwelling on the past will only be more problems, just learn from your mistakes and move on.                                     ID:  YA-MIZ-AB-0028
Youth @ Risk Project Gallery THREE
Name: D.W.      Birth Date: 2-Apr-96 Title: Sleepy Doll is speechless!                                          ID:   YA-MIZ-DS-0021
Name: T.R. Title: Tray 8 Doll is speechless!                                         ID:  YA-MIZ-AC-0023
Name: J. Title: Untitled I love karate!                                       ID: YA-MIZ-BM-0025
Name: S.D. Title: Untitled My name is Sean. I'm 16 years old and I'm in high school trying to go down the right path.                                              ID:  YA-MIZ-GM-0027
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