Name: Q.B.                        Birth Date: October 22,2000 Title: Muscle Man I am happy I'm alive!                ID:  YA-MIZ-QB-0012
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Name: D.U. Title: No Name I wanna go home.                                         ID: YA-MIZ-DU-0014
Name: E.K. Title: No Name I am a superhero and I love to help people out!                                      ID: YA-MIZ-EK-0016
Name: A.B. Birth Date: August 16, 1997 Title: The Outlaw Do you wanna know why I became an outlaw?  Because I was born in a bad neighborhood in the country and bad is all I know.  How to do good, ye ha partner!                                     ID:  YA-MIZ-AB-0018
Name: J.A.            Birth Date: February 16,1997 Title: Rello I'm a teenage boy stuck between two worlds. The side I act like in front of my family and my life away from my family.                                            ID:  YA-MIZ-JA-0020
Youth @ Risk Project Gallery TWO
Name: D.S.                                                                                              Birth Date: April 19, 1996 Title: Monster Doll is speechless!                                          ID:   YA-MIZ-DS-0011
Name: A.C. Title: No Name I have had some bad times and some good times.                                         ID:  YA-MIZ-AC-0013
Name: B.M. Title: No Name My doll would say, sky is the limit you are never to old to face your dreams and succeed.                                       ID: YA-MIZ-BM-0015
Name: G.M. Title: O.G. Marquez I lived a horrible life, if I were you I would make smart decisions!                                              ID:  YA-MIZ-GM-0017
Name: A.S. Title: Polo Man I am Polo, Love it or Like it!                                    ID: YA-MIZ-AS-0019
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