STITCHES Youth @ Risk Project
Youth sleep for more than six month on the streets in the US
Are  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender
Our existing homeless assistance system is largely designed for adults.
STITCHES Womens Iniaitives 28056 Palomino Drive Warren, MI 48093  Phone: 586-873-8034
Stitches has taken on yet another program that has very serious implications for our future, that of at risk youth.   Here are a few of the issues that our youth deal with sometime on a daily basis.  Drug Abuse,Depression, Suicide, Stress, ADD / ADHD, Alcohol Use, Under-age  Drinking, Teen Pregnancy, Behavior Problems,Bipolar Disorder, Conduct Disorders Smoking, Opposition,Defiant Disorder, Learning Disability, Eating Disorders, Teen  Violence, Gang Statistics, Gambling, Truancy, Vandalism, Peer Pressure, Anger, School Bullying, STD’s, Self Esteem and Being Homeless.