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Name: Ronia Cole          Birth Date: 12/9/1970 Title: Precious I want love and peace in the world. Residence: MI                        ID: CL-MIZ-RO-0025
Name: Ellie Quinones  Birth Date: 1/2/1933 Title: Mandy     Bleeding Disorder: VWD 1 I am the oldest woman I know with a bleeding disorder. I suffered in Venezuela. I have 4 children. I was told if I had one more child I would die. I had many surgeries and I didn't have a lot of information only confusion. Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-EL-0026
Name: Johnna Cesta  (LT)  Birth Date: 7/29/1995 Title: Untitled Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 1995  doll doesn’t say anything.   ID: CL-FLZ-JO-0027 Name: Jeanette Cesta (LB) Birth Date: 9/14/1962  Title: Regina  Bleeding Disorder: VWD I love my grandchildren so much, I wish I could have told them in person. I'm glad that they will know so much more about their  VWD than I did. I'm glad there will be so many more choices for them than there were for me.   ID: CL-FLZ-JE-0028 Name: Julie Cesta (RT) Birth Date: 4/8/2000 Title: RachelFL13 Bleeding Disorder: VWD Julie is the best person I know! Let's party! I love you all.   ID: CL-FLZ-JU-0028 Residence: FL
Kathy Perkins Born: 5.1.1947 Doll Title: Rose Bleeding Disorder: Hemophilia Carrier with symptoms/ Factor IX Date of diagnosis: After the birth of my first son Other family members: great grandma, grand-daughter   ID: CL-UNZ-KA-0029 Emilee Perkins Born: 4.7.2001 Doll Title: Rose Bleeding Disorder: Hemophilia Carrier with symptoms/ Factor IX Date of diagnosis: Age 1 Other family members: great grandma, grandma.   ID: CL-UNZ-EM-0030 Message: Hi, I am Rose and I am a symptomatic carrier. Doctor, please listen to me when I say I can't use blood thinners. And when I say O need some help. Please listen to me.  Great Grandma & Grandma don't have a treatment center and the doctors ignore us.  Please help so that Emilee doesn't have to go through what we did!
Name: Angie G. Birth Date: 2/5/1968 Title: Mom      Diagnosis date: after the birth of my son Bleeding disorder: Carrier - Factor XIII I am a mom. I made the doll to be fun, like me - wild, curly hair, colorful clothes, and funky jewelry. But it wasn't always like that. I remember times when it seemed there was no color or fun left in the world, as if my eyes had been blinded to the wonder of life. Replaced, instead, with blue and gray hues of sadness and sorrow and red slashes of anger. Then, I found something within myself. I found strength. I found character. I found purpose. I have a wonderful son, who is growing each day into a most incredible young man, and I am a part of that. My doll, therefore, represents the color and fun that has been returned to my life - the wonder of my son. Thanks so much for including moms in this project!! What an amazing opportunity for women to share their common experience with other women. MOM I am MOM. I cry real tears. I gave this to my son. He was just 4 days old when he nearly died because of what I gave him. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know I was a carrier. I am MOM. I watch in amazement as he grows each day. I stand back as he learns to care for himself. He is resilient. I am thankful he is otherwise healthy and has no complications. But I worry. Each and every day. That the blood product we put into his arm each month isn’t the treatment that takes him from me. I cry real tears. I am MOM Angie is a Caucasian woman who lives in Spring Arbor, Michigan.   ID: CL-ANZ-MI-0031
Name: Goddess of VWD*         DOB: 1-8-54              Date of Diagnosis: 1981             Doll Title: Venus, Dismal Venus says: Do you know how it feels to bleed and bleed until your lips and nose are numb? Do you know how it feels to be told “you just have heavy periods” and your heart tells you something else is wrong? Do you know what it’s like to pass clots the size of tennis balls with your menstrual period? Do you know how very tired you feel when your period lasts 30 days?Do you know what it’s like to be given a diagnosis for which there was not a brochure or pamphlet….absolutely no educational materials whatsoever? Do you know how scary it is to only be told “this is what you have” and “if something happens, a hematologist will know what to do”? Do you know how frustrating and frightening it is to be told “women don’t bleed”? Do you know how terrifying a place the world seems when no one believes or understands your medical diagnosis? Do you know how depressing all of this can be?* vWD stands for von Willebrand’s Disease. This is a bleeding disorder that is passed equally among men and women. The Goddess of vWD is a Caucasian woman who lives in Indiana. She is a force to be reckoned with in the bleeding disorders community. She is the author of numerous educational pamphlets available through the National Hemophilia Foundation.  For more information call: 1-800-42-HANDI          ID: CL-UNZ-GO-0021
Name:Angel Dunn (RT)  Born: 1.4.2001 Doll Title: None Disorder: Hemophilia Date of diagnosis: Age 4 Name:  Kaylee Dunn (LF)   Born: 1.4.2001 Doll Title: Cloie  Disorder: Hemophilia Date of diagnosis: Age 4 Other family members: sister and mom    ID: CL-UNZ-AN-0022  
Name: Krystal Katz Born: 9.23.1991 Doll Title: Denise Anastasia Katz   Disorder: vWD Date of diagnosis: 2004 Other family members: cousins Message: If my doll could talk she would say, "Live your life like there is no tomorrow!" The saying would come from tomorrows not promised to anyone so you should do all your life goals without letting anyone hold you back!    ID: CL-UNZ-KR-0023
Name:Courtney Lannon (LT) Born 6.12.1986 Doll Title: Delia Bleeding Disorder: vWD Date of diagnosis: 2006 Michaela Lannon Born (LB) Born 1.11.1991 Doll Title: Raquel Bleeding Disorder: vWD Date of diagnosis: 2006 Cynthia Lannon(RT) Born: Unknown Doll Title: Untitled Bleeding Disorder: vWD Date of diagnosis: Unknown Other family members: two daughters    ID: CL-UNZ-CO-0024
Name: Dana Hammond Title: Cindy Cindy comes from a long line of women bleeders. She never knew she was a bleeder until a near fatal surgery. Cindy was raised thinking all women had heavy periods and bruise easily. Now Cindy spreads the word educating as many as possible. Residence: NM                                                              ID: CL-NMZ-DA-0024
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