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Name: Kris Siolka          Birth Date: 2/27/1963 Title: Kasbre     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: age 9 I was made with love. I am a special woman. My bleeding disorder is a part of my every day life and everyone I meet accepts me just the way I am. Residence: WI          ID: CL-WIZ-KR-0085
Name: Unknown       Birth Date: 1950 Title: Mandolin             Bleeding Disorder: Carrier-Severe hemophilia A Date of Diagnosis: when son was born in 1988 You never know what you don't know … No one ever suggested that my bad bruises or haemorrhaging from tooth extraction could be due to a clotting disorder-only the birth of my son and his diagnosis of severe hemophilia solved the mystery! Residence: MN         ID: CL-MNZ-UN-0088
Name: Mindy Vickers          Birth Date: 2/18/1971 Title: Madison Rose                  Bleeding Disorder: Symptomatic Carrier Factor VIII Date of Diagnosis: when my son was born "Sometimes it's hard to have a brother with hemophilia, because I can feel left out, but love prevails. More than anything, I love him and I protect him. And, going to camp rocks!" And I got to go before him! Resident: CO           ID: CL-COZ-MI-0086
Name: Jennifer E.        Birth Date: 12/29/1974 Title: Hiker Girl     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: Approximately 18 years old Be an advocate for yourself. Voice your concerns and don't give up. Educate your family members on your disease, you never know whenyou will need help, love, or support. "Give your loved one a hug today." Residence: CA                    ID: CL-CAZ-JE-0083
Name: Andrea Lassaux        Birth Date: 10/10/1942 Title: Jamie                     Bleeding Disorder: I am a carrier-severe Factor 8 Oh, how I loved my brother. I still miss him after 52 years. Residence: FL          ID: CL-FLZ-AN-0084  
Name: Diane Rankin          Birth Date: 7/14/1964 Title: Sunshine     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 9 years old Stand up and use your gift … your voice can make all the difference. Empowerment can change our next generation. Dee Dee Residence: CO          ID: CL-COZ-DI-0087
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