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Name: Kim Walsh           Birth Date:: 2/8/1968 Title: Lola    Diagnosis: VWD 1 It is all about me! Residence: PA           ID: CL-PAZ-KI-0074
Name: Sue Gaerttner/Bridgette Sterling          Birth Date: 4/12/1962 Doll Title: Leila              Bleeding Disorder: Carrier Dance like no one is watching you! Residence: PA          ID: CL-MIZ-RO-0067
Name: Maxine Mill          Birth Date: 7/15/1994 Title: Diamond Blue      Date of Diagnosis: 2001 Title: Diamond Blue Pretty Diamond Blue is beautiful. Love and Pray. God Residence: MI            ID: CL-MAZ-RO-0071
Name: Rachel Miller  Birth Date: 2/20/86 Title: Von Willy Lilly    Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: age 4 She would have lots to say about everything she's doing in the Hemo community and you could tell that she uses disadvantages to her advantage. Residence: CA         ID: CL-CAZ-RA-0068 Name: Rachel Miller      Birth Date: 2/20/1986 Title: Community Leader      Bleeding Diagnosis: VWD I She would say that she refuses to be a victim or sit around and complain about the way things are, so she stepped into a leadership position in her community and hasn't looked back since! Residence: NV       ID: CL-NVZ-RA-0069
Name: Jackie Lucas          Birth Date: 2/19/1953 Title: Aida What a wild and wonderful ride this has been! Even though I do not have a bleeding disorder, I feel that I belong here. I was married to a man with hemophilia for 30 years. The day he died the best part of me died also. But being allowed to stay connected to my family in the bleeding disorder community has helped this part of me to come back to life. Thank you very much for teaching me how to laugh again. Residence: PA            ID: CL-PAZ-JA-0075
Name: Stephanie Gerus          Birth Date: 4/18/1984 Title: Keep Your Head Up         Bleeding Disorder: Factor 8 carrier, PAI 1 disorder It's not about the amount of breaths you take; it's about the moments that take your breath away. Don't forget to always keep your head up. Residence: FL             ID: CL-FLZ-ST-0072  
Name: Ms. Roz      Birth Date: 10/63 Title: Ms. Fancy Glow                Date of Diagnosis: 1974 Title: Ms. Fancy Glow Ms. Fancy Glow is to feel important and fancy. Love God Love You Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-MS-0064  
Name: Jessica Yeager     Birth Date: 7/5/81 Title: My Port is my Best Accessory   Date of Diagnosis: age 15 Bleeding Disorder: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type X abnormal platelet aggregation factor 8/10 deficiency My doll doesn't let her bleeding disorder stop her from being the best dressed for a night of fun out on the town! She infuses through her port and is ready to rock and roll all night long. Therefore, her port is her best accessory, keeping her going and never being stopped from traveling and going out. Her motto is: infuse on the go! Residence: TX           ID: CL-TXZ-JE-0065 Name: Sally (Sarah) Yeager Birth Date: 12/23/55 Title: Sister MoonBleeding Disorder: VWD 1 Date of Diagnosis: 2006 Sister Moon represents the "moon" dancer, who calls upon the forces of Mother Nature to lessen her pain and suffering from menorrhagia due to her bleeding disorder. Residence: AZ          ID: CL-AZZ-SA-0066  
Name: Jessica Carlson    Birth Date: 2/13/87 Title: Gidget Three years ago in November she was diagnosed with VWD type 1. She was very sick and almost died. She was very ill. The doctors were giving her Heparin and didn't know she had VWD. So then they took her to surgery and couldn't get her to stop bleeding. Then they gave her a transfusion and she had a break out so they had to get a different set of blood. Well, they called a hematologist and finally diagnosed her. Now it's been 3 years and she is great. She takes Humate P because she had an allergic reaction to ODAVP. She is doing great. Residence: NM           ID: CL-NMZ-JE-0070
Name: Cissy Stanhope Birth Date: 11/11/57 Title: Untitled Doll doesn’t say anything at this time. Residence: TX           ID: CL-TXZ-CI-0073  
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