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Name: Valerie Fetterman   Birth Date: 8/11/1957 Title: Party Girl Bleeding Disorder: Platelet disorder, symptomatic hemo carrier Nothing needs to change when you are diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. You just have to be more careful! Residence: MI            ID: CL-MIZ-VA-0049
Name: Belinda Crump   Birth Date: 3/7/1974 Title: Red      Bleeding Disorder: Hemophilia A Date of Diagnosis: 1974 My name is Red can we be friends? Let's play! Residence: IL            ID: CL-MIZ-BE-0050
Name: Ronia Cole         Birth Date: 12/9/1970 Title: Precious I want love and peace in the world. Residence: MI         ID: CL-MIZ-RO-0039
Name: Linda Wilson  Birth Date: 7/7/1946 Title: Sunshine                Bleeding Disorder: VWD; Platelet Dys. Date of Diagnosis: 1990 Other Family Members: son, daughter, grandson I've learned that even on the darkest days the sun is still shining and if we wait long enough it will reveal itself to us.              ID: CL-MIZ-LI-0040 Name: Shari Luckey         Birth Date: 4/19/1968 Title: Scared Mama-To-Be   Bleeding Disorder: 10% Factor 9; Platelet Dys. Dr., Please hear me! Take my concerns seriously! I'm scared I will bleed when I have my baby and you are not listening! I know my body. You're supposed to help me. Don't ignore me!          ID: CL-MIZ-SH-0041 Residence MI  
This is the true story of a woman named Joanne who had four sons-a challenge in itself, but overwhelming when you find out that 3 of her sons have Hemophilia B. These 3 sons went on to have thirteen children; seven of them are daughters who share a rare common bond: they are all carriers of Hemophilia B. Their friends can’t relate, but their cousins can! These girls, ages 6 to 20, have witnessed their fathers and uncles face many challenges that living with hemophilia brings. They’ve also seen the unique challenges their grandmother has faced with a low factor level, horrible bruising, let alone raising “typical” boys. But these girls have also witnessed their fathers and grandmother not allowing hemophilia to rule their lives. They’ve overcome much physical pain and have lived full lives with great faith in God’s goodness and grace. As these girls grow up and begin families of their own, we realize that the odds are that several, if not all of them will themselves be mothers of hemophiliac sons. It is their dream, and our prayers, that their sons will have available to them even better treatments and that perhaps we might all some day witness a cure for hemophilia. Name: Abi Werner  Birth Date: 8/19/1990 Title of Doll:   Emma Lynn Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth            ID: CL-UNZ-AB-0042 Name: Emily Werner Birth Date: 7/27/1987 Title of Doll: Madelyn            Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth            ID: CL-UNZ-EM-0043 Name: Leah Werner Birth Date: 10/6/1995 Title of Doll: Grace Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth  ID: CL-UNZ-LE-0044 Name: Sarah Werner     Birth Date: 5/11/94 Title of Doll: Faith Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth             ID: CL-UNZ-SA-0045 Name: Michaela Werner     Birth Date: 2/27/01 Title of Doll: Hope Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth   ID: CL-UNZ-MI-0046 Name: Bethany Werner     Birth Date: 4/26/01 Title of Doll: Joy Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth  ID: CL-UNZ-BE-0047 Name: Lynal Werner         Birth Date: 05/01/1990 Title of Doll: Marietta Bleeding Disorder: Carrier – Hemophilia B Diagnosis Date: Birth             ID: CL-UNZ-LY-0048
Name: Heather Humphrey   Birth Date: 8/5/1978 Title: Sara                            Diagnosis Date: 1998, while pregnant                                                                                                                   Bleeding disorder: Carrier, Factor VIII "Anyway   the   work   shop   was   great!!   I   am   learning   more   &   more   every   time   I   meet   someone   new.   I   think   education is   the   most   important   thing.   Even   people   who   have   the   bleeding   disorders   themselves   seem   to   be   uneducated   to me.(unfortunately)   My   Life   is   not   affected   as   much   as   my   Grandmother's   life   was,   technology   has   improved greatly.   My   opinion   would   be   educate   people   &   be   aware   of   what   you   can   do   to   prevent   bleeding   disorder problems. Thanks so much for the emails & info. They are greatly appreciated."                    ID: CL-UNZ-HE-0032
Name: Jill Kozak           Birth Date: 11/1/1975 Title: Silent                                                         Bleeding Disorder: VWD 1 I do not have a mouth because no one will listen to me. Underneath my pretty dress, there is a Band-Aid - this signifies all the times I was given an "easy" fix instead of treating the problem. My dress and the lace trim signify that I am a woman first. Residence: MI              ID: CL-MIZ-JI-0033  
Name: Alaina       Birth Date: 6/18/1980 Title: Strength          Bleeding Disorder: VWD 1 I was diagnosed young (3rd generation), and consequently have not had as many problems as others in my family. However being diagnosed as a teenager poses its own set of issues. I dealt a lot with peer acceptance and feeling "different" from other people my age. In college, I found myself in the martial arts. In spite of the fact having a bleeding disorder can complicate certain aspects of the practices, such as board breaking and sparring, it is where I find my strength. Sometimes, when other people find out that you have a bleeding disorder, they treat you as though you are made of glass. When I practice takwando, I am reminded that I am a strong woman(who happens to have a bleeding disorder.)              ID: CL-MIZ-AL-0034 Name: Sue Furr (RT)         Birth Date: 2/1/1953 Title: I’m Free                            Bleeding Disorder: VWD 1 After   years   of   prolonged,   heavy   monthly   bleeding,   unexplained   extreme   bruising   and   bleeding   after   dental   work, it   was   such   a   relief   to   find   out   there   was   a   name   for   the   "bleeding   problem"   my   mother   always   said   our   family had.   There   was   a   name   for   it   and   medications   I   could   use   to   lessen   its   effect.   I   felt   free   from   always   trying   to explain   my   "problem"   to   doctors   and   my   large,   frequent   bruising   to   those   who   noticed   (friends   and   strangers).                              Residence: MIID: CL-MIZ-SU-0035
Name: Anna Marie Lopez          Birth Date: 7/19/1962 Title: Untitled     Bleeding Disorder: Hemophilia Carrier Other family members diagnosed: brother-severe hemophiliac My name is Mary, mother sister, daughter and friend to all those whose heart is breaking because of bleeding disorders. I say, "Use your mouth to speak only truth and to teach love. Use your arms to reach out to one another and surround each other in love and weave your soul into others so that as the fabric of humanity we can ease the world's suffering.                   ID: CL-CAZ-AN-0036 Name: Dora A Lopez Birth Date: 11/2/36 Title: Untitled Bleeding Disorder: Carrier Date of Diagnosis: 47 yrs ago I am just like a butterfly still in a cocoon. With love, time and lots of support from those around me, I will become a beautiful butterfly.       ID: CL-CAZ-DO-0037 Residence: CA
Name: Jan Saunders          Birth Date: 1/16/1944 Title: Janny     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 1990 I'm six years old and I wake up with blood on my pillow. It's very scary           ID: CL-UNZ-JA-0038    
If your doll could talk what would she say? I hope to tell many people about hemophilia. I also want to help raise money for people like me. So help!
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