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Name: Carri Nease    Birth Date: 2/10/71 Title: Why don't the docs ask all the right questions? Bleeding Disorder: Hemo A Date of Diagnosis: 36 yrs after the diagnosis of my twins You gynecologists always asked for the first day of my last period-why didn't you ask for the last day? Why didn't you ever tell me what "Normal" was when you asked me if everything was normal-10 to 15 days of bleeding was normal for me… Be thorough when you are establishing a baseline with a patient... Residence: MD          ID: CL-MDZ-CA-0063
Name: Renee Banning         Title: Saucy Little Cow Girl                                                                                                              ID: CL-MIZ-RE-0056
Name: Deena Regan  Birth Date: 6/1/1973 Title: Daisy     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 2000 Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-DE-0060
Name: Sheryll Holmes            Birth Date: 5/9/1961 Title: Syndroma                Bleeding Disorder: Sticky Platelet Syndrome; Platelet Granule Deficiency When will the next one be? HELP "pulmonary Embolism". Too many doctor appointments. HELP. I am sick. This hurts, that hurts. Residence: MI         ID: CL-MIZ-SH-0059  
Name: Shelley Gerson  Birth Date: 9/3/1967 Title: Miracle Momma Bleeding Disorder: Factor 8 One day, God came to me and said, "Shelley, I want to perform a miracle and cure you of your hemophilia and HIV." I said, "Thanks, but no thanks!" Although my hemophilia does not define me, it created who I am…a strong, empowered and spiritual woman who believes in miracles... I love that about me! Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-SH-0061  
Name: Vicki Peake                                                                               Birth Date: 10/20/1966 Title: Miss Mutant          Bleeding Disorder: VWD 2 My mom and dad are both negative, but I'm positive for Von Willebrands. That would  means Im             a a a a mutant, a very special individual. Residence: MI                                 ID: CL-MIZ-VI-0051
Name: Bekah Scappe (RB)          Birth Date: 1/25/1990 Title: Cammy     Bleeding Disorder: VWD In a weird way, I actually enjoy having a bleeding disorder. It's not always a good thing to hear I have it, but I get to do things other people do not. I have the advantage of going to camp and making new friends. I just absolutely don't know what I would do if I didn't have a bleeding disorder.           ID: CL-PAZ-BE-0052 Name: Lia Veres        Birth Date: 11/19/1992 Title: Izzy She would say fight for what you think is right and don't ever be afraid to say what you feel. Also she would say that you should reach out and help the ones who are not educated about bleeding disorders.            ID: CL-PAZ-LI-0053 Name: Nikole Scappe          Birth Date: 6/23/1991 Title: Georgia    Bleeding Disorder: VWD I like my bleeding disorder. Maybe I have to take a few more minutes than others to take meds and infuse, but I don't see it as a disability. I see I it as an ability to let me do more. I get to go to camp, meet new friends, and go to events.            ID: CL-PAZ-NI-0054 Name: Bekah Scappe            Birth Date: 1/25/1990 Title: Bobby Joe    Diagnosis: VWD 1 I live with a bleeding disorder called VWD type 1. It may sound bad because it's called a disease, but actually I like having it. I have the opportunities to attend different events and camps. So I actually enjoy having Residence: PA             ID: CL-PAZ-BE-0055  
Name: Martina Thomas        Birth Date: 11/17/1966 Title: Ruby The Color of Red Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-MA-0057
Name: Stephanie Williams          Birth Date: 9/27/1970 Title: Stephanie     Bleeding Disorder: VWD This doll had nothing to say. Residence: MI          ID: CL-MIZ-ST-0058  
Name: Elizabeth VanSant          Birth Date: 4/25/1996 Title: Unknown MO             Bleeding Disorder: Severe Hemophilia B Date of Diagnosis: January 2001 Doll doesn’t say anything. Residence: MO          ID: CL-MOZ-EL-0062  
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